Jackie and Glen "Papa" Wright, Jr.

University City, MO - (314) 997-2376

Children’s Percussion Program

Papa Wright and Cymbal Papa Wright and Marimba Papa Wright and Tambourine

This “hands-on” musical program introduces children to the percussion family of instruments. Participants will learn to identify a variety of professional instruments used for rhythm, sound effects, and melody. “Papa” gives children the opportunity to play each instrument in a fun way creating simple rhythms and melodies.

Not only are children given familiar instruments to play like the tambourine, hand cymbals, and maracas, but “Papa” also exposes them to unfamiliar instruments such as the cricket, utters, and vibratone. “Papa’s” collection of instruments comes from all over the world.

This program is recommended for ages 5- 9 and is 45 minutes in length.


Call or email Jackie for information.

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