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Story Time Puppets

Jackie Wright and Goody Bag
Old MacDonald
Papa Wright and Buddy Bear

Story Time Puppets are interactive, delighting the young and the young-at-heart. They teach important lessons of life. “Remember Little Red Riding Hood, don’t talk to strangers!" Children hear this said and they become hooked. Now they are inside the story and know to tell Little Red Riding Hood not to talk to strangers. There lies the secret of Jackie and “Papa” Wright. You become involved in their stories.

Their versions of Aesop’s fables have the children so engaged that they do not realize they are learning valuable lessons. Other shows focus on literacy, bullying, and conflict resolution.

"Papa's" puppet voices bring Miss Lady Bug, Mr. Alligator, Rusty, and others to life before your eyes. As a pre-show to all, “Papa,” a one of a kind puppeteer, demonstrates the voices and personalities of each puppet. His audience of children has the opportunity to hold the puppet and use their voices for the puppet character.

Jackie, the “Goody Bag Lady,” not only interacts with the puppets and the audience, but she also invites the audience to become personal with each puppet character. Some of the puppets ask for items that can be found in the goody bag. “I need someone to wipe my eyes,” Mouse will say after crying. Then a tissue appears from the goody bag so a child can wipe Mouse’s eyes. In addition, Jackie will say, “Now give Mouse a hug.” Children are thrilled to be a part of the show. Adults even discover the “child” inside themselves.

In 2006, Jackie and “Papa” published a story-coloring book of their show, The Three Pigs of Piggyville.


Puppet shows are recommended for ages 3-9 and are 30 minutes in length.


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Description of Puppet Shows


The Three Pigs of Piggy Ville

Papa and Jackie Wright The Three Pigs

This is an adaptation of the classic children’s book entitled, The Three Little Pigs. This version stresses the importance of reading. When threatened by the Big Bad Wolf, Rusty’s friend, Buddy Bear, gives him a book on how to build a brick house. Rusty builds a brick house because he can read. The other pigs, Sunny and Woody, cannot read, so they build a house of straw and sticks respectively. The Wolf destroys their homes, but cannot destroy Rusty’s house. The show encourages children to read.

The Lion and the Mouse

Jackie and Papa Wright The Lion and the Mouse

This adaptation of the classic Aesop fable teaches to be kind to everyone, even if he or she is small. Alligator is given the duty by Hippo to allow all the animals to get a drink from the river in his absence. Alligator lets everyone have a drink except Mouse. He feels that Mouse is too little. Lion tells Alligator he should be kind to all animals, even small ones. Mouse gets his drink, and he wants to repay Lion for intervening. Of course, Lion does not feel Mouse needs to repay him. However, when Lion is trapped in a net, Mouse is the one who comes to Lion’s rescue.

The Ant and the Grasshopper

Jackie and Papa Wright The Grasshopper and the Ant

This is an adaptation of the classic Aesop fable about getting your work done first before you play. Grasshopper played all spring, summer, and fall, and did not prepare for the winter and finds he is without food or shelter when winter arrives. Ant takes Grasshopper into his home, only after the Grasshopper promises that in the future, he will get all his work done before he plays.

Reuben, the Jealous Lion

Jackie and Papa Wright Reuben the Lion

This is an original story by Jackie and “Papa” Wright. Reuben and Elephant are best friends. It is Elephant’s birthday and some of his friends plan to sing and play musical instruments at his birthday party. Reuben becomes jealous and tries to spoil the party. He soon discovers that he has no reason to be jealous.

The Tortoise and the Hare

Jackie and Papa Wright Tortoise and Hare

This is an adaptation of the classic Aesop fable about perseverance. The concept of sharing has been added to the story. Tortoise is given a carrot to share with Hare, but Hare wants the carrot all to himself. He gives Tortoise an opportunity to keep the entire carrot by challenging him to a race, knowing that he is swifter than Tortoise. Of course, Tortoise wins the race by persevering, and he even shares the carrot with Hare.

The Three Billy Goats Gruff Meet the Mysterious Creature

Jackie and Papa Wright Three Billy Goats

This version of The Three Billy Goats Gruff is about a creature that runs the fearsome troll from the bridge. Moose wants to eat the nice green grass on the other side of the bridge and invites the goats to do the same. However, the mysterious creature now wants to eat the goats. After receiving “goodies” to eat from the goody bag, the creature allows the two smaller goats across. He meets his match with Great Big Billy Goat Gruff. Meanwhile, the troll now understands how it feels to be afraid and vows not to frighten the three goats again.

Little Red Riding Hood

Jackie and Papa Wright Little Red Riding Hood and Wolf

"Red Riding Hood" loves to talk to all the forest creatures. Grandma sends her on an errand and warns her about talking to strangers. Red Riding Hood makes the mistake of talking to B. B. Wolfe and finds out about the dangers of not obeying Grandma.

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